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Welcome to my website!

Photography for me is all about expressions. A twitch of the lips, a blink of the eye, a breath of life…
Every movement expresses an emotion and evokes a mood, feeling, or drama surrounding a particular subject. It is my passion to capture these fine details and unique perspectives that best tell the story of your wedding.

What is important is what feels natural. My photography style combines classical portraits, candid shots and photojournalism with a touch of fine art and design sense. I also take pleasure in pushing an image or concept further to create something unique.

Most weddings may not differ much in terms of processes and proceedings, but every couple has a romantic tale to call their own. I take pride in being a storyteller of this momentous occasion. For me, every wedding is a new experience and I enjoy making new friends.

A picture paints a thousand words. But a picture that captures the emotional content and natural expressions of a timeless ritual, will touch the heart and move the soul. Such pictures truly come to life and will linger in your memories long after the event.

Enjoy the showcase!

"Let the photographs remind you of the moments
and spark off new passions of love"

Member of the
Wedding Photo Journalist Association


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